Planning a Green Funeral

What makes a green funeral?

According to Leeds based funeral directors, increasing numbers of people are considering a green funeral and with increasing pressure on overcrowded cemeteries, churchyards and crematorium, consideration for the environment is becoming an important element of funeral planning.

Choosing to be buried in a natural burial ground is not for everyone and if you think it could be right for you, it’s important to visit a couple of natural burial grounds before making a decision. It’s much harder to make decisions in the immediate aftermath of someone’s death so to minimise the pressure on your loved ones, letting them know about your plans is vital. There are around three hundred natural burial grounds currently open in the UK with the number growing and the association of Natural Burial Grounds can be contacted for more information.

It’s interesting to note that the use of a coffin in a funeral in not required in UK law. Whilst it goes without saying that dead bodies should be covered in public, it is entirely up to you whether you are buried in a coffin, basket or a simple shroud. The options for different coffin designs are very wide and if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly design, willow coffins fit the bill perfectly. It is also possible to buy coffins made from 100% environmentally friendly wood, complete with biodegradable lining and handles.

Natural funeral flowers are a lovely way to add a beautiful finishing touch to a green funeral and natural, wildflower arrangements are becoming increasingly popular. The best funeral flowers are those that reflect the personality of the deceased and sadly most of the traditional funeral wreaths and displays that are available from many florists are simply too formal. Natural funeral flowers look as though they have just been picked from a garden or wild flower meadow and the flowers used are seasonal and native to the UK. It is even possible to buy natural funeral arrangements made from fruit or vegetables – perfect for commemorating the life of a keen gardener!

When it comes to planning a green funeral you’ll find that there is a wide – and growing – choice of different options. Funerals should be as unique as the person who is died and to make your green funeral as special as possible, you could add a range of unusual finishing touches. If the environment is important to you, why not consider a greener alternative to the traditional funeral transport of a hearse and fleet of funeral? A number of companies now offer a horse drawn carriage hearse whilst it is also possible to have your coffin transported using bicycle power!

How you plan your funeral isn’t restricted by rules and regulations and the details of your final send-off are entirely up to you. Planning a greener funeral is simply about having a funeral that is as natural as possible and how you go about that is your decision: whether you opt for a coffin made from recycled materials or to be buried in a shroud the range of choices is huge.

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